There is a growing concern about the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria. Incidentally, no realistic and far reaching solution has been found to this disturbing phenomenon. The problem has been further compounded by the dearth of information about the career opportunities available in the public and private sectors of our economy. Worse still, many job seekers have vague ideas about the careers that appeal to them and the requirements for entry into the positions to which they aspire. This is an undesirable situation which must be arrested most urgently

Today’s highly competitive job market requires that individuals who want to put themselves in a position to win a new job must now have an in-depth understanding of the organization they are about to meet with

A typical job advert may not tell you much about the organization in which you are seeking employment
Researching on prospective employers will require an investment in time and tactical skills

Your enhanced knowledge about the organization you are applying to will allow you make better decisions and enable you ask intelligent questions during the interview process

Hiring officials today want to see if you really have a passion foe whay they are and stand for
However, If your ask a lot of questions about their organization, they may decide you are not good enough for them.

It is very important that job applicants know that employers often base their recruitment and selection decision on one or combination of the following factors;

• Proficiency in employable skills.
• Attractive personality based on your stature, dress code, confidence, communication skills.
• Honesty, Loyalty, humility, dedication
• Influence.

Your research of an organization will reveal to you a potential employer’s philosophy and values, work culture and its demands and rewards, employment characteristics and other essentials that will enable you decide if they appropriate to match your career goals and personality.

Problem solving questions are designed more to test your understanding of underlying mathematical concepts that to test your ability to actually carryout quantitative procedures accurately. To score well, you only need to be familiar with basic arithmetic, geometry and algebra as taught.

Read the questions carefully. This is important as test writers deliberately include answer choices that correlate to common misinterpretations of the questions.