1. The first thing one need to run a business is ideas
  2. Money not invested is money wasted
  3. Making wrong choice to solve a problem will produce more problems
  4. They that make haste to be rich cannot be innocent
  5. Men that takes decision due to present benefits tend to have lost his future benefits
  6. When you are not creative in what you are doing, you cannot make impact to your generation
  7. The journey of a life time start from a day
  8. A mistake of a day can change the plan of an entire life
  9. The best way to success is straight path with steps not with lifts
  10. It might look so small now but the latter shall be greater
  11. Your money don’t birth vision but your vision birth money
  12. Great men don’t lose focus but add more plans to their plans to be achieved
  13. Every obstacle is stepping stone to a miracle
  14. If you fail to plan then you have planned to fail
  15. Every new level in life there is a new devil
  16. Visualize your plans into reality
  17. Great mind discuss ideas not people around them
  18. Life is always fair but we fail to see things the right way out our ways
  19. The mind is a great weapon to either success or failure
  20. Until you take actions for something nobody will do that for you

Composed By:        OSARUMWENSE GLORY .O.