Skilling and Re-skilling

Globalization has thrown a new challenge to the labor market. As the economy and times begin to change as a result of technological advancement, the nature of work environment, product and services also change. As more professionals come into the job market, competition for the best job gets tougher and re-skilling has become one of the best ways to differentiate yourself from other competitors to gain competitive advantage.

Taking time to re-skill or developing a skill you already have can lead to greater opportunities in job search and promotion. The necessity for re-skilling has assumed a global phenomenon owing to few available jobs. In Nigeria, the situation is further compounded by skills deficiency in the curricula of most tertiary institutions coupled with few available jobs. It has been observed that most tertiary institutions in Nigeria do not produce what the industry needs. The unemployability of our graduates are owed largely to the lack of employable skills.

• Re-skilling to meet up with changes in technology
• Re-skilling owing to changes of demand
• Re-skilling to diversify
• Re-skilling to respond to sectoral changes


• Identify what your goals are. For instance, where do you see yourself in five years, what do you want to become. These are questions that will sharpen your direction before you can re-skill.

• Identify your present skills, qualifications, experiences and measure it with the necessary skill needed to achieve your career goals. Fill up a knowledge/skill gap.

• Can you identify any gap in skill? If yes, what are those gaps. Find out what skills are high in demand in your chosen area and get recommendations or research on how to acquire such skills and also relevant courses that are necessary.

• Do not assume that re-skilling needs to be done only through university qualifications; there are other ways of re-skilling. So, in line with your defined goals and career objectives, enroll in a course, attend a seminar or workshop, GET A PROFESSIONAL CERTIFICATION.

• Be open to acquiring more experiences, internship while learning or taking courses as this will give exposure to different systems and ways of working.

Customized Recruitment

To survive in a competitive global market and to accomplish long term growth, organisations need to develop and focus on their core competencies. The needs and demand of consumers are forcing organisations to reform and restructure to ensure that they keep up with market demands (Entrekin & Court, 2001; Schultheis & Summer, 1998). As a result of this, many organisations has resolved to outsource some of the services they need from specialized bodies/vendors who can provide such services better while their in-house specialist focus on their core competence.

It gives employees relief from such stress and make them to concentrate more on the organisation’s core competencies. In other words, when employees task are reduced by delegating some to external service providers, it makes them to be less busy with things that are not necessary, thereby increasing the level of their performance which in the long-run, increase the productivity level of the firm as well as the realization of organisation goals.

Call a professional, reduce your company workload..

CV Review

In today’s competitive job market, where most job hunting is done online, your resume makes a difference. Aside from ensuring that your CV is well structured, the content you choose to include and how it’s written are equally important. Your resume needs to have the right headings and sections and its formatting makes a huge difference in the impression you make on potential employers.

A good way to start creating or updating a resume is to view your information through an employer’s eyes. Ask yourself:

What information about me does a potential employer or client need to know?
What information about me would they like to know?

The structure of your CV ultimately determines the probability at which you would be invited for an interview. Seek professionals in the field of Human resources and get re-branded.

Business Plan

Why write a business plan?

• Gets you organized! •
Helps you get a loan!
• Helps you not be in the 80% of small businesses that fail within the first five years of operation!

How long will it take me to write a business plan?

• Writing a business plan is often a long process. It depends on a lot of different factors, but writing a business plan can take dozens of revisions. Each revision can take a lot of time. Do not put yourself in the position to rush yourself through the business plan creation process because this plan is what you are going to depend on once your business is up and running, as well as to get your business up and running. Take the time to thoroughly explain every aspect of your business. If your business plan tells all there is to know about your business then it is long enough. If it does not, keep writing. The person reading your business plan needs to know that you thought about everything from the legal structure to who is going to vacuum. Every detail is important.

How do I get started?

Pay a professional..

Career and Job Search

There is a growing concern about the high rate of unemployment in Nigeria. Incidentally, no realistic and far reaching solution has been found to this disturbing phenomenon. The problem has been further compounded by the dearth of information about the career opportunities available in the public and private sectors of our economy. Worse still, many job seekers have vague ideas about the careers that appeal to them and the requirements for entry into the positions to which they aspire. This is an undesirable situation which must be arrested most urgently

Today’s highly competitive job market requires that individuals who want to put themselves in a position to win a new job must now have an in-depth understanding of the organization they are about to meet with

A typical job advert may not tell you much about the organization in which you are seeking employment
Researching on prospective employers will require an investment in time and tactical skills

Your enhanced knowledge about the organization you are applying to will allow you make better decisions and enable you ask intelligent questions during the interview process

Hiring officials today want to see if you really have a passion foe whay they are and stand for
However, If your ask a lot of questions about their organization, they may decide you are not good enough for them.

It is very important that job applicants know that employers often base their recruitment and selection decision on one or combination of the following factors;

• Proficiency in employable skills.
• Attractive personality based on your stature, dress code, confidence, communication skills.
• Honesty, Loyalty, humility, dedication
• Influence.

Your research of an organization will reveal to you a potential employer’s philosophy and values, work culture and its demands and rewards, employment characteristics and other essentials that will enable you decide if they appropriate to match your career goals and personality.

Problem solving questions are designed more to test your understanding of underlying mathematical concepts that to test your ability to actually carryout quantitative procedures accurately. To score well, you only need to be familiar with basic arithmetic, geometry and algebra as taught.

Read the questions carefully. This is important as test writers deliberately include answer choices that correlate to common misinterpretations of the questions.



  1. The first thing one need to run a business is ideas
  2. Money not invested is money wasted
  3. Making wrong choice to solve a problem will produce more problems
  4. They that make haste to be rich cannot be innocent
  5. Men that takes decision due to present benefits tend to have lost his future benefits
  6. When you are not creative in what you are doing, you cannot make impact to your generation
  7. The journey of a life time start from a day
  8. A mistake of a day can change the plan of an entire life
  9. The best way to success is straight path with steps not with lifts
  10. It might look so small now but the latter shall be greater
  11. Your money don’t birth vision but your vision birth money
  12. Great men don’t lose focus but add more plans to their plans to be achieved
  13. Every obstacle is stepping stone to a miracle
  14. If you fail to plan then you have planned to fail
  15. Every new level in life there is a new devil
  16. Visualize your plans into reality
  17. Great mind discuss ideas not people around them
  18. Life is always fair but we fail to see things the right way out our ways
  19. The mind is a great weapon to either success or failure
  20. Until you take actions for something nobody will do that for you

Composed By:        OSARUMWENSE GLORY .O.

“Oh, you hate your job?  Why didn’t you say so?  There’s a support group for that.  It’s called everybody, and they meet at the bar.”  –Drew Carey

“Far and away the best prize that life offers is the chance to work hard at work worth doing.” – Theodore Roosevelt

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